Monday, June 25, 2012

Adobe Creative Suites 3 (CS3) auto update doesn't work

If you try updating your Adobe CS3 product and receive a message saying updates cannot be detected at this time, it's because of an expired security certificate. This cert comes with the CS3 install, and I don't believe Adobe issued a new one. However, to get around this problem, simply set your system time back to any date prior to 10/16/2011. Doing this will trick your system into thinking it's prior to the expiration of the security certificate, so the connection will be allowed. Make sure to set your system time back to normal though after getting your updates installed.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


If you're running a 64bit SQL Server, you likely are also running the 64bit version of Business Intelligence Development Studio. Unfortunately, the 64bit version of BIDS doesn't work with the Excel Connection Manager. Luckily though, you can still use it to create your SSIS package and getting the package to run is as simple as checking a box.

If you're running SQL Server 2008 and using a SQL Server Agent job to execute your SSIS package that contains your Excel connection, here's how to get it working:

1. Go into the Job Properties
2. Select the step containing your SSIS package and click Edit
3. In the step properties, go to the Execution options tab and check the box labeled "Use 32 bit runtime" (see screenshot)

This will force the SQL agent to use the 32 bit runtime when executing the package, and that supports the Excel Connection Manager.

If you're using SQL 2005 of DTEXEC to execute your package, check out the original post I found that helped me.