Thursday, August 22, 2013

Windows Search Companion pane is blank

If you run into this, the likely cause is that the jscript.dll file is not registered correctly. To fix, simply go to Start->Run, then use the command "regsvr32.exe %windir%\system32\jscript.dll" and click OK. You should get a pop-up saying that the DLL was successfully registered, then try using search again.

Outlook Web Access (OWA) shows requested resource is in use page

I don't like admitting this, but I'm still stuck supporting an Exchange 2003 environment. Yes, it's over 10 year old software, but it is what it is. With that out there, I had a problem today with my Exchange 2003 box after a power outage. Outlook Web Access, aka OWA, was showing a page that said "Requested resource is in use" if anyone tried to use it. I didn't see anything obviously wrong, and other Exchange functionality was working fine, so I turned to the web.

The fix was very simple. A dll file that OWA depends on was not registered properly. To fix the problem all I had to do was go to Start->Run, then use the command "regsvr32 %windir%\system32\vbscript.dll". You should get a pop-up alert that the DLL was registered succesfully after you run that command, and OWA will come back to life.