Monday, January 26, 2009

Log on to console session using remote desktop

If you've ever wondered if you could log on to a server as if you're standing in front of it, rather than using some third-party tool like TightVNC, the answer is yes. To log in to the console session of a machine, it's actually pretty simple. I'm going to assume you already know how to use Remote Desktop.

For an example, lets say I have a server name "MyServer" and I want to log in via remote desktop to the console session.

In XP, you would connect to "MyServer /console" in the remote desktop client

For Vista, you would use "MyServer /admin" for remote desktop

You can also use the command line/run dialog to do this as well. The switches remain the same, so for XP you would use "mstsc /v:MyServer /console", and Vista would be "mstsc /v:MyServer /admin"

Thanks go to this page for giving me the information needed to create this post

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