Thursday, April 1, 2010

Error c1041739 when mounting a mailbox store in Exchange 2003

I ran into error c1041739 "The database files in this store are inconsistent" when trying to mount a restored mailbox store on a backup Exchange 2003 server. It wasn't too hard to fix using some of the Exchange command-line utilities though. You may want to make a copy of your .edb and .stm files prior to performing any activities on them, just to be safe. For this example, let's say I have priv1.edb and priv1.stm both in the C:\Mail folder and am getting error c1071739 when trying to mount priv1.edb. Here's how I would attempt to fix it:

1. First, open a command prompt
2. Change to the C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin folder using cd "C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin". This will put you in the location of the Exchange command-line utilities. If your program files folder is somewhere else, change the path in the command accordingly
3. Now, use eseutil /p on the .edb file. In my example, this command would look like eseutil /p "C:\Mail\priv1.edb"
4. Once that finishes, defrag and rebuild the edb database. To do that, use eseutil /d /t:C:\tempEmail "C:\Mail\priv1.edb". The /t:C:\tempEmail is telling the command to use C:\tempEmail as the temporary location for the defrag files. You can change that location to wherever you want, so feel free to use a different folder or a separate partition that fits your needs. The defrag can take some time if you have a rather large .edb file.
5. Once the defrag is complete, use eseutil /mh "C:\Mail\priv1.edb" to check the consistency of your file. You should not get any errors at this point.

That's all I had to do. Mounting the mailbox store after the repair worked fine, and I was able to retrieve the information I needed. There are a few steps I left out, but if this doesn't work for you check out Microsoft KB 906148. It covers the c1041739 "The database files in this store are inconsistent" error, along with the steps Microsoft recommends using to fix it. Good luck!


Lempert said...

I have found one more good resource for this error and how to fix it. You can find it here


Peter said...

Hey Lempert, just wanted to let you know you have saved the day (to say the least).
We succesfully restored the database using your hints - facing other problems now but this one is solved, thanks to you!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this post!

Have a wonderful day ;)