Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Add custom field to tickets and email in osTicket 1.6

I recently installed osTicket 1.6 for our property management group to use and have need to make some customizations. One of those customizations was how to create a custom field and add it to the tickets so more data could be captured. While the instructions to do this are out there, they seem to be located in different spots, so I'm going to try to consolidate a few useful links here for you.

How to add the custom field to the form

Making a custom field usable within the email templates (this is my own posted solution)

Listing a custom field in the Open Ticket table on the staff page (this doesn't explain exactly how to show a custom field, but does list the steps needed to add a field to the staff Open Tickets view)

Show the custom field in the ticket info on the staff side
I don't remember where I found the instructions for how to do this, but it's pretty simple. Edit the /include/staff/viewtickets.php file and insert the following where you want the custom field to be displayed


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