Thursday, October 31, 2013

Convert user mailbox to resource when using Exchange Online

I am in the middle of a cutover migration from an Exchange 2003 environment to Exchange Online. One issue with the cutover is that all our resource mailboxes were imported as user mailboxes, rather than resources. Luckily, using PowerShell, it is easy to convert these and I only had ~10 so it was easy enough to do. If you have a lot of resource mailboxes to convert you may want to script it instead. Anyway, here are the instructions which I originally found from here:

1. Connect Windows PowerShell to the Service. Refer to the article below.

2. Run set-mailbox mailboxName -type room, substituting your specific mailbox name in for mailboxName, and also specifying either room OR equipment. The example is to convert to a room resource

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