Friday, March 13, 2009

Reset Blackberry to factory defaults and wipe information

If you're going to sell a Blackberry you don't want anymore, are having weird problems, or just want to start over, you can reset the phone to the factory defaults pretty easily. This will erase all user information from the phone and it will then be as if it just came out of the box for the first time, minus the physical wear and tear. Anyway, to reset your phone, follow these instructions:

1. From the icon screen, go to Options, then into Security Options
2. Press the Menu button to bring up the menu, then select "Wipe Handheld"
3. Is should ask you to confirm the erase, so agree to that
4. Type "blackberry" when prompted. This is a safety feature to make sure you really do want to wipe the phone.
5. That's it. Now wait for the device to finish resetting itself, then you can do whatever you were going to do with it

If you're worried that you may need something from the phone afterwards, be sure to use Blackberry Desktop Manager to create a backup of it prior to resetting. This method performs a hard reset, so once it is finished your data is lost. The only way you'd be able to recover it would be from a backup.

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