Monday, May 4, 2009

Set your homepage in IE, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome

This may be old news, but I ran across someone on Yahoo! Answers asking how to set their home page. Of course they didn't list the browser, but I thought I'd cover the main browsers with a simple article. Here are the instructions:

Internet Explorer

Go to Tools, then Internet Options. 

On the General tab, set your home page in the Home page box. You can put multiple sites here if you want to have each open in a separate tab.  Then click OK


Go to Tools, then Options... 

On the Main button, set the home page box to the site you want to use as your home page

Go to Safari, then Preferences. On the General button, set your home page in the Home Page box


Click the wrench icon in the top right, then go to Options. 

On the Basics button, set your home page in the Home Page section

One thing to note here is that you won't want to set your home page if you like the multi-page display of your most visited pages that Chrome defaults to when it's first installed

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