Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Adobe CS3 updates link grayed out in OS X - manually start Adobe Updater

Maybe I'm one of the few that run into this problem because I have the Macs set up in Open Directory, but maybe not. I really think it's a permissions problem linked back to the Open Directory accounts. Most of the time it works fine after the CS3 install, but other times you just can't run the Adobe Updater using the link in the Help menu for Adobe Creative Suites 3. Using Disk Utility to repair the permissions doesn't work either. There is a workaround for this though. You can manually start the Adobe Updater, as long as you're an administrator, from the command line.

1. Open Terminal. It can be found at Application->Utilities->Terminal
2. Type the command sudo /Applications/Utilities/Adobe\ Utilities.localized/Adobe\ Updater5/Adobe\\ Updater and press Enter
3. When prompted, enter your password. If you have a root user setup, use that password instead
4. The Adobe Updater should start and you can go about updating like normal

When entering the command in step 2, one trick is to type a few letters and then hit Tab. If you've typed enough letters to make it a distinct entry in the folder, hitting Tab will fill out the rest for you.

This has worked for me 100% of the time (ok, so all 3 times I needed it) on machines that had the updates link in the Help menu grayed out in CS3. I had the problem a few times back when I had to install CS2, but never bothered looking this far into it. Who knows? Maybe this will help you bypass the same problem in CS2 too. Hopefully you have the same luck with it as I have

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Chris said...

Worked great. Thanks for the help!