Wednesday, October 8, 2008

View another person's calendar with Entourage

First off, I'm assuming that you have permissions to view the other person's calendar. I'm also assuming that you're using an Exchange server for your email and calendaring. If both of those are true, then this should work for you.

1. Open Entourage
2. Go to File->Open Other User’s Folder
3. Click the button to the right of the “User:” box. It has the symbol of a person on it
4. In the box that pops up, type all or part of the person’s name, then click Find. This will search the global address list for the person
5. In the results, you should see the person you’re looking for. Click on their entry so it is highlighted, then click Ok
6. Now you should be back at the box from step #3. Make sure “Type:” is set to Calendar and click Ok

That will add that person’s calendar to your Entourage calendars. You can add multiple people if you’d like (just repeat the steps). To then view the other person’s calendar, go into Entourage, then to Calendars. On the left, you’ll see the Calendar Views section. There will be an entry for everyone’s calendar you have setup. To view someone in your list’s calendar, simply click on it and allow it to load. You’ll be able to see their appointments and when they’re busy. To get back to your own calendar just click on your own name.

If you want to remove someone’s calendar from your list, hold down control and click on their calendar entry. A menu will pop-up and you’ll want to choose “Remove from View”. It may then prompt you, and if it does, select Remove. That will get rid of that person’s calendar from your list of calendars.

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