Thursday, October 2, 2008

Creating a signature in Microsoft Entourage for Mac

If you're an Entourage user and want to create a signature to use with your messages, here's a how-to guide.

1. Create a new signature by opening Entourage, then going to Tools->Signature
2. Click New, then enter a name for the signature.
3. The signature creation box will open. Create your signature, and then close. You can add images to your signature by dragging them into the window. Save it when prompted
4. Close the signature list
5. Now go to Entourage->Account Settings
6. Click on the account and then click Edit
7. Go to Options
9. Under the Message Options area, change the Default Signature to be the one you just created and saved
10. Click Ok to get back to your normal Entourage window

At this point you can test your signature to see if it works. Try composing a new message, and if the signature doesn't show up, it's probably because your formatting is a little too fancy for plain text. You can fix that by going on to the next steps. If your signature does show up though, you're done and can skip the next part.

11. Go to Entourage->Preferences
12. Click on Compose
13. Under General, change the Mail Format to HTML.
14. Click Ok to get back to Entourage

Now your signature should be in place for your new messages

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