Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Install or remove fonts in Windows XP or Vista

First off, you can only use TrueType or OpenType fonts in Windows, so if you have PostScript fonts you're stuck. There are ways to do it, but they're not openly supported in Windows. If you need to do it anyway I'll add a quick blurb about it at the end of this.

If you're running Vista, then it's really simple. Just right-click on the font file and choose Install. That will install the font on your system.

If you have XP then there are two options. One is to copy and paste (or just move) the font file into the C:\Windows\Fonts directory. That will install it on the system. Or you can do it through the Control Panel, which is how Microsoft shows how to do it. If you want to remove a font, just go in and delete it from the Fonts directory.

To uninstall fonts in Vista you're best off using the Control Panel. Go to Appearance and Personalizations, then choose Fonts. Select the font(s) you want to remove, then go to File->Delete. The Microsoft article for this is found here.

Now, about PostScript, you have to install additional software in order to use the fonts. You also must have a printer that supports PostScript, and not all of them do. If you have Adobe Type Manager, then you're in luck. Here's an article that explains how to do it: There may be other ways, but I've never bothered looking into them since I don't really need any fonts other than the defaults.

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