Sunday, November 9, 2008

Free GoToMeeting or Webex alternative for online collaboration - Vyew

If you use Webex or Go To Meeting, or you just need to find an online collaboration tool, you may want to look into Vyew. You can find it at You have to create a free account, but then you have access to the collaboration tool, and it's free. They also offer a free tele-conference service to go along with it too.

Zoho offers a free online meeting service too, but it's only good for one on one meetings. Any more require a paid account. If all you need is one on one service though, it would provide you another free alternative rather than paying for Webex or Go To Meeting.

Yet another I've found since originally posting this is DimDim. I have not personally tried DimDim, but the few articles I found reviewing it did say good things so I thought it might be worth mentioning here as yet another alternative.

I'm not too familiar with what Webex or GoToMeeting offer (I know what it is, but have never used it), but Vyew seems pretty comparable, and will hopefully save you some money.

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