Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reinitialize offline files cache and database in Windows XP

If you're having problems with offline files, you can try reinitializing the cache and database to see if that will fix your issue. One downside is that this will delete any files you haven't already synchronized. You could try retrieving them by viewing offline files. To do that

1. Open My Computer
2. Go to Tools->Folder Options
3. Go to the Offline Files tab and click on View Files

This is also where you can reset the cache and database. To do so, hold Ctrl+Shift and click on Delete Files. It should prompt you to make sure you want to reinitialize the cache and then ask you to restart.

There's a second method involving a registry change, but I'll leave that option off of this post. If you're interested, check out Microsoft KB 230738, which shows both the registry change and the method I listed above

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