Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Manually start and stop Extensis Suitcase Server X1 on OS X

You may have problems with Suitcase Server automatically starting when you restart the server, and that is an issue Extensis has acknowledged. However, they haven't provided a fix, but rather a workaround that tells you how to manually start and stop the application using Terminal. You can find the Terminal application in Applications->Utilities. It's like the Windows command prompt.

To manually start Suitcase Server X1 using Terminal, type:
/Applications/Extensis\ Suitcase\ Server/Suitcase\ Server
and press Enter

To stop Suitcase Server X1, you have to force quit the process. You can either do this with Terminal, or with Activity Monitor (also found in Applications->Utilities). Activity Monitor is probably easiest. Make sure you select "All processes" in the upper right, rather than "My processes". Then look for "Suitcase Server", click it once, then click on Quit in the upper left. It may make you Force Quit, but essentially that's the same as the Terminal method. 

If you're interested in the original post on Extensis's website, or if you want to know how to stop Suitcase Server with Terminal, here's the link:

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