Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Remove the 'X' to close or disconnect Terminal Services

For those of you who run into the same problem I do where users always want to click the 'X' at the top rather than going to Start->Log Off, this might be helpful. It involves hacking the remote desktop client program (mstsc.exe) and then having the users use the hacked version. It will then prompt the user with an error message if they try to just close out of the terminal services session with the 'X'. I have not used this or tested it, so try it at your own risk. It does look legit though, and I may get around to testing it because I do see the problem a lot. The one thing I don't like is that you have to do it on the client side, which means that everyone would need to change to using the hacked remote desktop executable. It would be nicer to have a fix that exists on the server instead so you don't have to mess with the clients, and maybe that's out there, but I didn't find it. Anyway, no more delay. Here's the article:

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