Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Set the default logon domain for Terminal Services

We had a 2 server Terminal Services farm, but one would default to the local domain which was confusing users when they logged in. In order to fix this, you can set override the default user settings in the Terminal Services Configuration. To do this:

1. Go to Start->Administrative tools->Terminal Services Configuration, then right-click RDP-tcp connection to the right an choose Properties.
2. Go to the Logon Settings tab and select "Always use the following information".
3. Leave the User name and Password fields blank and enter the domain name you would like as the default in the Domain field
4. Check the box that says "Always prompt for password" and click OK

If you skip step #4 it will still work, but every time a user tries to log in they will get an error saying they couldn't be logged in with the default information and they'll have to click OK to enter their info. That is because if it isn't set to always prompt for a password, then it will try to use whatever is entered in the boxes at step 3, which most likely is nothing.

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