Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Compress and resize images - for FREE!

If you're looking to send images in an email, or just upload to some sites, you may run into a problem because of the size of the files. This is because most digital cameras now come with enough megapixels to create a high-res image, and that's what they default to. When you put the images on your computer, it's not surprising to see sizes of 2 or more MB. Resizing the images isn't always the easiest, and trying to make the file size smaller isn't much fun either. When I say compress, I don't mean add it to a zip file either. I mean to change the picture's resolution so the quality is a little lower, which will in turn drive the over all file size down.

Axiom's PicSizer application is a free tool that will do just that for you. At the time of this post, the Axiom website appears to be unavailable, so an alternative download link can be found at This freebie will allow you to resize/compress a single image, or it will also process an entire folder of images. I've used it and recommended it in the past to multiple people, and it's worked great every time. It's as simple as loading the image, then selecting save, reducing the quality slider, and clicking OK.

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