Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Show more emails on your iPhone

If you like having most of your emails accessible on your mobile device, the iPhone's default settings may be an issue for you. The defaults are set to show 50 messages, and only the last 3 days worth of email. You can change these if you'd like:

1. Go into Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendar.
2. Under the Mail heading, you'll find Show. Here's where it lists the option of how many messages to show from your email account. Select the number you want (max is 200).
3. While still in Mail, Contacts, Calendar, at the top you'll see the Accounts heading. Choose the account you want to change
4. Just above the Delete Account button is where you'll find "Mail days to sync". Change this setting to allow your messages from more than 3 days to synchronize with your phone. There is an option for No Limit if you'd rather just rely on your setting from step #2.

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