Friday, September 26, 2008

Send or transfer large files - for FREE

If you've ever run up against problems with email limits when trying to send files to someone, or you don't have any idea what FTP is, then this will probably help you. There are many services out there that allow you to upload files to their system, then send an email with a link to those files so someone else can download them. This helps you avoid having to attach the files to an email, and really is no different to the end user than downloading something from a webpage. There are two such services that I'll mention here; the first being SendSpace, and the second is YouSendIt. Personally, I've only used each once, but I recommend SendSpace. You can transfer up to 300MB in a single session, and there is no account creation necessary. It has worked fine when I've used it too. YouSendIt works as well, but you're limited to transfers of 100MB or less. Either way will work, and will provide a better alternative than trying to email large files to someone, especially if that someone is really a large group of people.

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