Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Excel spreadsheet not updating from second spreadsheet

If you're looking at a "master" spreadsheet that gets information from other spreadsheets, but the information doesn't look current, it probably isn't. This is because automatic updating via spreadsheet links is disabled by default in Excel. In order to allow the cells in the "master" to update, you need to explicitly allow the updates. To do this:

Excel 2003: When you open the spreadsheet, it will prompt you with a dialog box asking whether to Update or Don’t Update. Make sure you choose Update if the spreadsheet is getting values from another spreadsheet.

Excel 2007: After opening the "master" spreadsheet, you'll see a security warning bar at the top. You'll want to click on “Options…” and then choose "Enable this content". If you want to permanently allow the updating from external links (this is not recommended), you need to click the Office symbol in the top left, then go to Excel Options towards the bottom right of the list. There you go to Trust Center->Trust Center Settings...->External Content and change the security settings for workbook links.

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