Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Remove address from Outlook 2007 autocomplete

Do you have old or incorrect email addresses showing up when you start typing in someone's name in the To box of a new email in Outlook? Well, now you can fix the problem. All you need to do is create a new email, start typing in the name so you can bring up the incorrect address, use the arrow key to scroll down to that incorrect address, then press Delete on the keyboard. That will remove the address from your auto-fill list of recent email addresses. When you close the compose window it will ask if you want to save, which is the same as saving as a draft. Go ahead and click no, and then you're done.

Another option would be to remove your entire auto-fill list from Outlook. In order to do this, you need to actually remove the file that is used to store the email addresses, which has the extension "nk2". I recently posted a newer blog entry specific to locating the nk2 file, and you can find the entry here. Otherwise, Microsoft has a guide to do this here, which is KB article 287623. It doesn't actually list the location of this file though, which depends on the OS you're using. The nk2 file is named according to your Outlook profile, which is Outlook by default. If you have multiple .nk2 files, then you also must have multiple profiles. I'll assume that if you knew how to set up multiple Outlook profiles, you'll also know which one you'll need to remove to get rid of the email list in question. Delete the nk2 file and that will get rid of your auto-fill email address list.


csh said...

removing an autofill name works if it comes up in a list and you can arrow down to select it. What do you do if it's a single name and autofill inserts it in the "to" line. Deleting doesn't work... Tks.

rslygh said...

On my Outlook 2007 install, even single addresses show up in a list. They're then highlighted by default since they're the only entry, and I can delete them using the delete key just like the others.

Are you using Outlook 2007, or 2003?