Monday, September 8, 2008

Fantasy "sports" for celebrity lovers?

An ex-coworker of mine, alongside a few other people, recently revamped Most of you probably know something about fantasy sports, or at least what they are. Her idea was to appeal to those who would prefer watching E! over ESPN, or Perez Hilton instead of John Madden. It's an interesting concept and change to the typical fantasy sports, and most likely fills a niche for the gossip magazine readers who couldn't care any less about sports. You pick your "team" of celebrities and gain points depending on how much they're in the news or referenced in a specific list of blogs and magazines. The reason they're in the news also can change the point total. If you're into the concept of fantasy "sports", but aren't too fond of the sport side of it, check out and try your hand at fantasy "National Enquirer". I'm not too interested in the game myself, but I thought it was worth mentioning in case any of you blog readers are.

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